Monthly Archives: October 2011

Dr Massood Jallali Physician

“Scott Mager is a gift to this world. He radiates happiness and possibility in everyway. As an experienced doctor who treats Athletes and stars I have seen much. However, there is nothing like the impact Scott makes in his books and shows.” Dr. Massood Jallai Physician

Malenie Buhrman School Teacher

“Scott Mager… a brilliant and innovative attorney of impeccable character; a witty, entertaining, dynamic motivational speaker; a generous giver; an empathetic and moral person; a world-class athlete; a lover of the arts… your way-above-average all American boy next door.” Melanie Buhrman, School Teacher

Teri Mori

“Scott’s teaching are profound. This book have many layers of depth to it, and you would be well-served to read it several times to fully experience its extraordinary benefits.”